Wet N’ Wild Dunking On Canada Day


Submitted by: 

Kathy Freeman


Photo: Jeff Mattes is getting ready to be dunked to help raise money for Helping Hand Trust.

Everyone at Vimy Park in Kaslo on Canada Day had a lot of fun with Wet ‘n Wild Dunkaroo, the communities’ dunk tank. At three throws for $5 we made $393 for Helping Hand Trust, a charitable organization that helps people with medical travel expenses. The highest earning Dunkee was Jeff Mattes at $100, with Dr. Pat Haegadorn, Doug Yee, Andy Shadrack and Mel Bryce running close behind. All the “Dunkees” were great sports and wonderful community members.

Wet ‘n Wild Dunkaroo is available for charitable fundraisers. To make arrangements to use the dunk tank, please email Kathy Freeman: sodasprings@netidea.com