Consent Needed Before Issuing Credit Cards


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The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) advises Canadians to be cautious and aware of their rights and responsibilities if they are approached by salespeople soliciting credit card applications.

FCAC has received and is investigating complaints about banks that solicit or promote credit card applications and sign up customers without their express consent. Banks must obtain a consumer’s consent before providing them with a credit card. If a person provides consent orally, the bank must provide the person with confirmation of their consent without delay.

FCAC has reminded banks they must meet their consumer protection obligations even if they engage third parties to solicit credit card applications.

Quick facts:

Banks are required by law to obtain your express consent before issuing you a credit card.

Bank and their representatives must provide potential credit card customers with information that is simple, clear and not misleading.

When consumers’ rights have not been respected, they can make a complaint to FCAC or to their bank. 

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