Equine Assisted Learning Spring Sessions


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Little Oasis Benefit Society


What Is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)? EAL is a fun, hands-on approach to learning social skills, where the horses do the teaching, aided by skilled facilitators. EAL is NOT therapy. It is a combination of horses and people working together through obstacles, with a specific objective in mind.

What happens At EAL sessions? Sessions are one hour.  Participants are usually paired up with a peer and horse, where they work through an obstacle course, working on an objective.

Why horses? Horses’ innate nature allow them to see through people’s masks and accept them as they are, with total honesty. They read subtle reactions and body language, providing skilled facilitators with feedback to each participant’s unique needs.

Who would benefit? Anyone aged eight and older who want to experience working with the awesomeness of horses. We work on developing humans through working with horses. Leadership, healthy boundaries, youth life skills and empowerment, family relations, stress management, learning challenges, Autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, trauma, self care, etc.

Can I ride the horses? No riding – all activities are ground based. No horse experience necessary.

Funded spots available! Prices vary with group size. Visit our website for more information at this link: www.tinyurl.com/khea9re