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Day 18, Caps-des-Rosiers, Gaspé, QC

Posterjack, a Canadian photo printing company, gave Zach Baranowski, a talented young photographer, the opportunity to travel across Canada for a once in a lifetime trip.

Between April 20 and May 16, Baranowski set out in an RV and travelled from coast to coast with his camera in hand. From the 15,000 photographs Zach captured, 150 were chosen to present as a gift for Canada on its 150th birthday.

“The goal of this project was to encapsulate the whole country at this historic moment. I’m excited to present Canada with these photographs,” says Baranowski. “It’s amazing how diverse the landscape of the country is. The Badlands in Alberta reminded me of Utah; British Columbia reminded me of the rain forests of South America; and Newfoundland was reminiscent of Ireland.”

Fewer than half of Canadians have explored outside of their home provinces, specifically residents of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. “We wanted to give Canadians – especially those who’ve never had the chance to see it themselves – a chance to experience their country in a new and unforgettable way,” says Tim Faught, president, Posterjack. “This is Posterjack’s gift to Canada on its 150th birthday. Canadians can download, share and enjoy these images however they choose.”

Canadian’s can view curated #Canada150photos at www.instagram.com/Posterjack and download photos from the entire collection of the 150 images at www.Canada150Photos.ca.