Fiona Anderson finds the SeaFunkles Treasure Box


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Emperor Norton


It was on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 5 that Fiona Anderson of Kaslo took her visiting relatives to Lost Ledge, to hunt for the 2017 CFNKLS Treasure Box. They found it in a cedar copse, on a ridge south of (and above) the bridge over Lost Ledge creek. Fiona is thus the winner of this year’s Grand Charitable Treasure Fund. She has selected Kaslo Trailblazers to receive the full amount of the $1,158 in that Fund. A final report about the hunt and the finding of it, will be found on the web at

The Treasure was found 30 days following the start of the hunt on June 5 after the 2017 AGM for the Community Foundation of North Kootenay Lake Society (CFNKLS). There were 25 written clues in all. By the time the Treasure was found there had been 9 clues first published in the Pennywise and 14 clues sent first by email to registered treasure hunters who donated to the Treasure Fund. All clues were and remain, listed on the Treasure Hunt website. The clues took their own sweet time in getting very specific, but in the final week of the hunt there were some particularly helpful clues. There was also a puzzle, called the Clue Matrix, which when solved would point directly to the treasure. Fiona said that for her the most helpful clues were the dictionary pointers in the Pennywise to the word ledge and the final clue on the website to go get lost.

Stu Heard, with the Kaslo Trailblazers, reports that Fiona’s charitable gift will be used to help them further expand and maintain local recreation trails for walking, hiking, biking and skiing. Asked whether there would be another treasure hunt next year, CFNKLS’ secretary Barney Gilmore said he didn’t have a clue. That will be for the CFNKLS board of directors and the Pennywise management to decide later this year.​