‘Monday Night at the Movies’


Submitted by: 

Judy Wearmouth


What to do when you inherit a house too large for your family and bank balance? Invite a few friends to share it and the running costs!

In The Commune, the renowned Danish director Thomas Vinterberg tells a semi-autobiographical story of Anna and Erik who find themselves in that position and with a group of friends embark on the scheme with enthusiasm. Set in Denmark in the mid 70s, the film explores the ways that sharing and cooperation eventually break down after the initial love, friendship, communal cooking and nude bathing. 

Anna, affectingly played by Trine Dyrholm, seems to be the only adult in a houseful of children as her marriage to Erik, Ulrich Thomsen, begins to crumble. Anna’s news anchor career is threatened by stress and ageism and her personal life is shattered by Erik’s affair with a student. Reviewers have raved about Dyrholms ‘transcendent’ performance as Anna prevails in the household experiment going dramatically awry after all the fun and goodwill. 

Monday Night at the Movies is a Kootenay Gallery fundraiser. Season tickets are $48 for six shows and available at the gallery, singles are $9 at the door. It’s a 7 pm start for ‘The Commune’ at the Old Theatre, 185 Columbia Avenue in Castlegar. See you there!