Brushes & Lunch: The Secret of Snow


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Marty Sutmoller


Snow is a challenging and variable subject for artists. From sunlight gleaming on fresh snow banks to dark and moody snowstorms, snow has an infinite variety of appearances. Capturing these convincingly in with watercolour paint involves many techniques from wet-on-wet to the use of salt and other additives.

Join Steve Quattrocchi for a Taghum Hall fundraiser lunch and painting lesson on Sunday, November 26, 10 am - 2 pm, exploring the various approaches to colour and mood in watercolour snowscapes. Nature is the primary inspiration for Steve’s art. In his paintings, he tries to create the feeling of reality, though not in the photographic sense. His paintings draw you in and make you feel that you are present in the scene, feeling the winds and smelling the pines. His compositions are both bright and serene, which reflects his personal experience. For more details about participating in this all-levels painting session, visit the “Events” page at Pre-registration is required.

Please call 778-463-1114 or email