Kaslo Community Garden thrives


Submitted by: 

Catherine McCormick


Kaslo Community Garden (KCGC), sponsored by the Victorian Hospital Kaslo Auxiliary Society, had another successful year this past summer. The number of individuals who rented plots increased to 21 members and the club continued to have a large plot available to grow food for the local Food Cupboard. The KCGC has two raised beds labelled with signage as ‘Help Yourself’ gardens. We encourage visitors and others to pick from these beds. Encouraging gardening, contributing to the local Food Cupboard and inviting garden visitors to help themselves to the ‘Help Yourself’ gardens helps the garden meet its purpose to support a healthy community.

Once again, JVH school children came to the garden on a weekly basis to prepare beds, move compost, build ‘squash beds’, pick rocks, do weeding, in addition to planting and bringing in the harvest. On September 6, three classes from the school picked the squash and we delivered this to the Food Cupboard where we washed, weighed and shelved the squash for future use. This year, we had a relatively small squash harvest because of the lack of rain. The squash were small, but plentiful. Other foods donated to the Food Cupboard this year included beets, carrots, onions, garlic, garlic scapes and potatoes. This is the fourth year of cooperation between the KCGC, the Food Cupboard and the school. The intention is for these programs to continue.

It was a very hot summer and it was difficult for many members to work in their plots other than during the very early morning. It was amazing how well the garden plots grew considering the heat and lack of rain. KCGC encourages everyone to learn more about our garden as a volunteer or as a grower. The bulk of the work is completed by a small group of people, with support from the school. The KCGC and its members are working diligently to be a strong contributor to our community.

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