NAKA Slide show presentation


Submitted by: 

Stephanie Myers


Ann Alma and Helen Samson from the Nelson and Area Kaoma Alliance (NAKA) gave an eye opening slide show at a meeting for the Canadian Federation of University Women, Nelson and District on Saturday, November 18.

NAKA is a volunteer run organization that works to help secure education for orphans and vulnerable young people in Zambia with funds provided by selling fair trade baskets made by 50 families in the Kaoma region of Zambia. Ann showed slides of families creating the baskets as well as the living conditions in the villages. 

NAKA works to keep 12 young people in school ranging from grade school to post-secondary, as well as supporting them after graduation. Ann spoke about four students in particular and how their organization has been able to help them overcome huge life challenges and go on to succeed at school. Three of these students have since gone on to secure employment with companies in their fields in Zambia. 

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It was both a sobering and uplifting presentation.