Not your average rummage sale


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Lois Lawrence


Good news! The Slocan Valley Grassroots Grammas are organizing their third deluxe rummage sale! On the morning of Saturday, May 26, starting at 9 am, ‘Treasures, Tools and Tea’ (‘3Ts’) will take place at the Passmore Hall, 3656 Old Passmore Road. 

Customers of ‘Tools and Treasures One’ in 2012 and ‘Two’ in 2015, still enjoy their golf clubs, binoculars, dishes, jewellery, toys and jig saws. Sales support the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s international Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign and happy local shoppers who stock up on desirable items at unbelievable prices.  

Grassroots Grammas are now seeking donations of choice items you value, but haven’t used in a while. Space at this smaller venue will be at a premium, so books, clothing and electronics cannot be accepted this time. This is a good time to hound your friends, neighbours, relatives and coworkers to box up ‘the good stuff’ for this sale. Choose household or workshop items that a Gramma can lift. Call Linda, the lead organizer 250-226-7304 if you have donations that need picking up, pricing and storage.

All proceeds will be directed through the Stephen Lewis Foundation to the grassroots organizations in Africa that provide grandmothers and the children in their care with everything from food and educational supplies to medical care, adequate bedding, housing, counselling and support groups. We honour the African grandmothers for stepping up to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS, showing astonishing reserves of love, courage and emotional resilience, even while grieving the loss of their own adult children and dealing with their own health issues.

Circle May 26 on your calendar and start filling a box with treasures and tools to donate now.

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