1 Love Story - Meeting the Train


Submitted by: 

Rod Dunnett


The letter had said she would come. Twenty-second of June. By train. I was there, at the remote train stop. Perhaps the daily train stopped there ten times a year. It was one of those bright June days where anything was possible, where the sun itself was to delight in. The train tracks ran along the edge of the lake, heading to northern BC. Across the lake snowy summits reflected the precious sun. I sat on the scuffed up hood of the old army Jeep and waited. Would she come? Would the train stop? 

Also in the letter was a sheaf of love poems, carefully copied. The prevailing theme was of lovers being apart. I had read them many times over the last few days, sitting on the porch of my log cabin facing the promising morning sun. 

Now to reality. The creak and rattle of the old Budd car rounded the rocky point about a kilometre south. I slid off the Jeep and crossed the tracks to the lakeside – expectation, excitement mixed with hope that the train would stop, must stop. It did! The door opened and the conductor stuck his head out, smiling. He put the step out and... there she was. That crooked grin that said, “I’m here, what are you going to do about it?”

With the lake as her backdrop and the patterned cotton dress flowing around her and backlit by the sun, there was only one thing to do. A kiss, a Jeep ride into the heart of the bush and a love journey that is now forty-six years strong.

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