2 Love Story - A Letter To My Guy For Valentine’s Day


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Shirley Peters


 I have the most wonderful man in my life. He has stood by me for 52 years, giving and giving. His love shines so deep from his heart. For three years he has been my caregiver. He has been with me in every test that I have known to take. Many men would not do this with their partners. He has held me through the bad times, assuring me that it will be ok. He is gentle and caring. He did many extra things and walked beyond the valley with me. He would hold me when I cried or when the pain was too much to handle. He would hold my hand and help me down to a flowing stream or waterfall. He would bring me small gifts, sometimes a small special rock or a piece of driftwood. He would go the extra mile such as bringing a kitten home to help me through my depressions. Every morning and night a kiss and a “love you.” He tells me I’m beautiful. He encourages. And yes, he does have his bad times. He helped me raise four children and brought wisdom to them. 

 Is he real? You better believe it, the hugs, the commitment, is real. His honesty, his heart in helping others and his sensitivity is real. And he is all mine. Love you honey. 

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