3 Love Story - Robin and Colleen


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Colleen Drisc


 This year is our 25th wedding anniversary. I am just as in love today as I was 25 years ago. Here is why!!!! Robin makes me smile – he is strong, kind and huggable. We met 30 years ago at the Boiler Room (Spirit Bar) at the Hume. He claims he met me five years ago just before I went travelling. I kind of thought hum, that’s a good line!!!! But as we sparked up a conversation I found him funny, interesting and handsome. As we were chatting there was a draw for a microwave. I didn’t have a ticket and misunderstood as I had thought he had literally given me his ticket and when I went to check the numbers... it was the winner! So, I went home that night with a microwave and a future husband. 

 These days we don’t hang out too often in the pubs but we do love Whitewater Ski Hill and my favorite moment of the day is snowboarding down a run and looking over and seeing Robin ski by, looking as handsome as he was all those years ago.  Life could not be better. He is my Valentine. I am so grateful to have a chance to write about our relationship and to thank him for being so understanding about not being able to celebrate our 25th anniversary on August 1 as I will be on Prince Edward Island for a family wedding/reunion and he will home caring for our aging insulin dependent cat!!! He is the best!!!!

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