4 Love Story – Sisterly Love


Submitted by: 

Darlene Sand


 I have always looked after my baby sister Mary. She’s 57, I’m 59, she’s younger, I’m prettier. When I was eight and she was six, I excused myself to go to the bathroom At the end of the hallway, there was my baby sister, being hit on the back of the legs with a three foot ruler by a nun. I ran down to them, grabbed the ruler and told my sister to put on her coat and boots – it must have been 30 below We walked home in the freezing cold and my dad yelled at us, we were supposed to be in school. I explained what happened, he called a cab and brought us back. After he talked to the principal we were never hit again.

 Along with a bunch of our friends we decided to go for a canoe ride despite not knowing how to swim. The canoe tipped about 20 feet from shore – when you’re young that can be miles. I lost my brand new glasses, my sister jumped on my back and somehow I made it to shore and promptly fainted. That evening I held up the dinner plate I was washing close to my face and asked her if it was clean (no glasses). 

 We knocked a bee hive down and the bees attacked us. I grabbed her hand and ran like the dickens; our slower cousins got the worst of the stings.

 As married women with kids, her stinky kid had a dirty diaper; change him please. No hesitation, I did her bidding. I was meant to be her big sister and every day I am grateful for family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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