5 Love Story - Luna Bear The Golden Teacher


Submitted by: 

Haley Muraski


 To be eleven and swoon. Seven puppies and I was set on one, the last to arrive. She became part of our family. My closest friend. One vulnerable day in her adolescent years she ended up in the wrong hands. I spent every day searching for her, wondering if she was okay. Many nights sleepless. Most days, struck from a glimpse of someone walking their golden. But it wasn’t her...  

 Years go by, then one day I receive an unexpected call. “There’s a posting, someone found a dog named Luna, said they cannot find the owners.”  This dog was obese, her eyes droopy, but the age was right and something urged me to call. When I got to her I fell to my knees as she recognized my smell. There were obvious signs of neglect. My heart wailed, feeling her suffering.

 Fast-forward a few years; I rescued an old dog, whose belly drug on the ground. Now we wake up to a ‘puppy’ with the same twinkle in her soft brown eyes, thirteen years young and eagerly awaiting her hike.

 Last year she surprised us again when a splenic tumor burst, causing internal bleeding. The vet said “at this point all we recommend is euthanasia.” and doubted Luna would make it till morning. We took her home instead and she started improving instantly. Luna’s seen more in her thirteen years than some people see in a lifetime – that was not her time. Helping her heal this cancer has been the most rewarding experience. Every second with Luna Bear is a gift.

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