6 Love Story - Sandi and C


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 When I least expected to find a partner, it happened. While on a skiing trip with an old buddy, I was honestly struck by how a shy, quiet guy was a welcome surprise. 

 My buddy was taking a jump at the slopes and injured his collarbone. Me and this guy, who we will call C, dropped him off at the closest emergency room. Unfortunately our buddy (let’s call him R) had a handful of guests coming to his place for his housewarming. We decided it was too late to cancel so we went to open the door for them. It was really nice of R to not cancel. It made for a bit of a reason for me to spend time, amidst chaos, with C in the car as we headed back to the emergency hospital to retrieve our friend. 

 After this meeting, C and I casually met a few more times and hit it off. I was wanting to be more serious and we did quickly move in together. Before we were living together I was in the hospital for a surgery. I always knew he was a great guy as he frequently visited during my month long recovery. I’m so grateful we met and how he was never a showboat or rich guy. He moved out west with a few friends from back east. Today, we have 3 children (6 yr old boy and twin 4 yr olds). I’m always grateful he always has a calming, no pressure to rush into things, kind personality. I am lucky and he is ever so lucky that our friend brought us together.

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